The Trustees

Chris Almond

Chris worked with his wife Becky and their family at Nyankunde from 1990 to 1994 as Finance Director of CME. He was seconded there by Tearfund. A Chartered accountant by profession, he has worked in London since returning from CME. He has maintained contact with CME over the years but wanted to help more after the 2002 massacre at Nyankunde, so he helped set up Friends of CME Trust in 2004.

Justin Burdon

Justin is working as a GP in Newcastle, UK. He and his wife Mary and family lived and worked for CME in Nyankunde between 1994 and 1998. He worked alongside his Congolese colleagues in the hospital and nursing school. Justin became a Trustee of Friends of CME Trust on its foundation in January 2004.

Chris Heard

'I am happily married to Ruth and we are the proud parents of Sarah and Becky, including son-in-law Paul. I am a Local Government Officer and help organise the County Hall Christian Fellowship. I have been a Tearfund supporter since becoming a Christian at 17 and have found it a great blessing to be a part of the Charity in helping the people of the Congo.' Chris became a Trustee of Friends of CME Trust on 1 October 2004.

Hannah Morrell

Daughter of Chris Almond, Hannah lived in Nyankunde 1990-4 (aged 5-9) and returned with the family in 2004 to visit the CME hospitals in Beni and Nyankunde. Prior to becoming a trustee, she assisted with the administration, newsletters and website of Friends of CME Trust. Her other work has included employment with Tearfund, being a freelance actress, and working in academic publishing, although her main job since 2012 is as a mum-at-home to her two small children. She lives with her husband, Guy, in Bicester, Oxfordshire where they belong to a local baptist church. Hannah became a Trustee of Friends of CME Trust in February 2016.

Remy Toko

Remy is a consultant paediatrician. He lives in Hull (UK) with his family. Remy first worked in CME Nyankunde in 1990 as a resident doctor in training and from late 1991 as a medical officer in charge of paediatrics. He headed the CME Nyankunde community health department and the Nyankunde health district from 1993 till 1996. He then trained in paediatrics in South Africa and returned with his wife Annette and their 3 children to CME Nyankunde in January 2002 to head the paediatric unit and contribute to teaching at the nursing school and the nursing college. He was also appointed medical director of the hospital. Remy witnessed the Nyankunde massacre in September 2002. This brought the dream of a long term service commitment in Nyankunde to an abrupt end. He says, 'I am delighted at the opportunity to help through Friends of CME charity.' Remy became a trustee on Friends of CME in October 2009.

Elsie Harris - former Trustee - now retired

Elsie is a retired nurse who is connected closely with the village of Nyankunde where CME had its base for nearly 40 years. 'My late husband worked in a leprosy control/training program in which I partnered.' Elsie and John worked in India, Nepal and different parts of Zaire before their final work at Nyankunde. Elsie is a founding Trustee of Friends of CME Trust but retired in February 2016 after 12 year's service due to poor health.