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MAY 2017


My name is Nathalie, I found myself prejudiced which created in me hate and bad thoughts towards those who had slain my father who loved me. I had made a decision to one day be a policewoman in order that I might have revenge on those who had killed my father. The teachings helped me to leave behind these prejudices and to enter into the ‘holy nation’ and I no more want to seek revenge.


My name is Siwako. I was not living with true parental love. But now I understand that there is a God who is a father who loves me more than my parents. Since the teachings, I feel myself now close to His heart.


I am Oripa. I was often worried when I remembered my father who is dead and my mother who was kidnapped, especially when my needs were not met. I am reassured now that there is a God who loves me and cares for me.

Gabie Akwelu

I considered myself poor and forsaken since I lost my father. This created hatred in m. I thought that others were more favoured than me because they had their parents. The teachings helped me to know that God is good and that He will take care of me.


My name is Asife. Before the teachings I was not succeeding at school but since I began the teachings, the quality of my work at school has improved.

Kavugho Matungulu

I am an orphan. Often I was hurt by my friends telling me that I was worthless. This made me feel guilty and I had pain inside. After the lesson on prejudice, I committed to join the kingdom of God which produces good fruit.

School teacher

I am the ‘grandmother’ of these children since their parents died. When the teachings started I was really challenged by some of the children’s’ questions. They asked me where their parents really were. This made me cry as well because it brought back the pain of the past. As a result of the teachings, the children are calm.

Mother caring for orphans

Before the teachings, the children were living a great solitude. They didn’t play with others and were always worried such that it was very difficult for me to do my housework. Since the teachings, there has been a great change in them: they play with others every day, have become sociable and help me well with my chores.