Giving to the Friends of CME Trust / The Fundamental Needs

DONATION FORM PDF (all the information below is contained in this PDF document)

The items outlined in this brochure have been selected as the most urgent short-term needs that the charity can support. We also hope that they will help you to decide how you want your donation used. If you want to give to the Charity without specifying a purpose, we will be happy to allocate your gift based on the needs at the time. The list also provides a meaningful way to buy a unique gift for your family and friends at the same time as helping those in serious need in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the work of CME.

The Charity has no operating costs so all of your gift will go to CME.

For details of how you can donate, please see the last page of this pdf.

Giving to...

£10 for 2 soap making kits

Soap making provides new skills, financial independence and hygiene benefits to the soap maker and their community. However, most lack the initial capital to buy the first materials and tools to make their first soap. £10 will provide two kits for a family to help get them started.

£20 for a food program at Nyankunde

Malnutrition is a major problem to the children returning to Nyankunde after the war. A food programme is run by nurses and trained community leaders to provide at least one nutritional meal a day for children under the age of five. £20 will help feed 10 children in the food program for an entire year.

Adopt-a-bed for £30 a month

Each hospital bed costs £1 a day to run. Patients receive no help to pay for their bed and there is no Government support for them or the hospital. £30 a month will provide a free bed in the hospital. The funds received will be used to provide subsidised health care for the most vulnerable patients against the most dangerous diseases.

New Hospital in Beni.

At present, CME runs its Beni hospital from three different buildings and pays $1,000 a month in rent. The buildings are a former warehouse, a school and a private house. None of these are ideal and the money paid in rent would be better used directly for patient care. By the end of 2009, the charity had provided funds to construct a new operating theatre and intensive care ward in Beni at a cost of £50,000. With one further ward, CME hopes to move its Beni operations to the new site.

Sponsor-a-student for £60 a year

CME trains about 100 students to become nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and dentists. In addition, CME now runs university level courses for nearly 300 students. All struggle to pay their fees. The mimimum student contribution is £60 a year. By sponsoring a student with £60, a fund will be created to support those students who cannot afford their fees.

£13 for 10 HIV / AIDS tests

HIV/AIDS is a massive problem throughout Africa. In DRC, many women and children have been infected during the war as rape was used to deliberately spread HIV/AIDS. Many live with the uncertainty of not knowing if they are infected. Blood transfusions cannot be done unless the blood is tested first due to the risk of passing on the infection. Transfusions are regularly needed by CME patients who have malaria and anemia. £13 will buy 10 testing kits for the CME hospital in Beni.

£5 a year to educate a child in Nyankunde

About 230 teachers are paid $15 each a month to run 24 schools in the Nyankunde area. This money supplements the small salary that some of the teachers receive from the government. Nearly 6,000 children are in attendance of which 2,000 are orphans. A £5 donation will provide a child’s education for a whole year in Nyankunde.