Since 2004, Friends of CME Trust has been supporting the medical work at 3 hospital sites in North-East DRC: at Beni, Bunia and Nyankunde. These sites are part of CME (Centre Medical Evanglique), which was established in 1966 at Nyankunde by local churches. The hospitals help meet the medical needs of the Congolese population in an area the size of France. They also run nursing schools and provide university-level medical training. Specific ways that you can give to the medical care at these sites include: Adopt-a-bed at Beni; HIV/AIDS testing programme; Equipment & materials for the nursing school; or sponser-a-student. For more information on these please go to the giving area.

The photos on the right show CME hospital in Beni (in rented buildings), as photographed on our visit in August 2004 (if you hover your mouse cursor over the photo, you can read text captions to each photo).



March 2012

These photos should some of the medical work taken place in February and March at the new CME hospital site at Sosé, Beni - the construction of which Friends of CME Trust helped to fund. They show a baby born in the new Maternity Ward, the new driveway leading to the hospital, and inside the new Operating Theatre. If you hover on the photo, you'll see more description.


March 2011

CME reports the following major activities during 2010:

  • 41,000 consultations
  • 9,000 patients hospitalised
  • 2,300 operations
  • 3,150 births

More detail on these activities are included in our June 2011 Newsletter.


October 2010: CME Hospitals' Activities First Semester 2010

Across all the CME hospital sites, in the first semester up to June 2010 the following activites are reported:

Over 4,000 pre-natal and 900 post-natal consultations were performed; another 15,000 general consultations took place; nearly 5,000 patients were admitted to the hospitals; 1500 babies were born; and 1,000 operations carried out. Hospital staff have also been active in the community, helping female victims of sexual violence, treating over 300 malnourished children at Nyankunde, and performing over 100 cataract operations.

Friends of CME Trust continue to send £1000 a month to help the 3 hospitals care for the most vulnerable: children and pregnant women. These funds are used for bed charges, operations, and, in some cases, food and clothing. Chaplains oversee the care of the most poor and also provide spiritual and moral support.


May 2010: CME Hospitals' 2009 Annual Report

285 people work at CME of which 223 are in the 3 hospitals: 75 at Beni, 72 at Nyankunde and 76 at Bunia.

The CME 2009 audit has been completed and showed gross receipts of $1.3M and a small surplus of $14,000. The DRC remains among the worlds' poorest countries and so many patients are unable to pay for their medical care. Many of the nursing students cannot afford the modest fees for their training. CME receives no DRC government support and so remains heavily dependent on overseas support. Of the $1.3M of receipts, $267,000 came from overseas donations and of this $25,000 came from Friends of CME Trust to support the poorest patients and malnourished children such as this little girl in Nyankunde.

The major donor to CME is Tearfund Holland – supporting poor patients and HIV/AIDs work. In addition to the $25,000 Friends of CME Trust gave to support the poorest patients, we also gave $38,000 for the construction of the intensive care unit in Beni, $5,000 for orphans in Beni, $17,000 for the Nyankunde schools and various other gifts in excess of $10,000.

In terms of its objectives, during the year:

  • There were over 15,000 requests for prayer, 888 people who became Christians and 101 miraculous healings. 4,000 people received free medical care as a result of overseas donations including the $25,000 from Friends of CME Trust.
  • The hospital provided 256 beds (80 at Beni, 103 at Nyankunde and 73 at Bunia); consulted 14,000 pregnant women and saw 2,700 children born; consulted 12,000 other patients; hospitalized 12,000 and performed 6,700 operations. Dental, physio and various other services were also provided.
  • 78 students attended the nursing school at Nyankunde (IEM) of which 45 received financial help from overseas. The pass rate in exams was 90%. 288 students attended the CME University (ISTM) and 95% of the final year students graduated.
  • In community development and primary health care, HIV/AIDs is a main focus: CME has run seminars for 30,000 people; taken part in nearly 200 radio broadcasts and 25 film showings and also run music concerts.

April 2009: Project Progress Reports

CME’s regular work has continued in the last quarter with the running of 3 hospitals; the care of about 4,000 patients each month; the employment of 300 staff; teaching in the nursing schools and university; and primary healthcare education. At Nyankunde, the hospital numbers are up, the staff busier, and the maternity is setting new records for deliveries! Friends of CME Trust has been sending £4,200 a month to help fund these activities. Beside the regular activities, building reconstruction continues at all 3 sites (see the Building Projects webpage for information about CME Beni's new hospital site at Sosé's) At Nyankunde, Samaritans Purse are close to completing the operating theatre to replace the one previously destroyed.


February 2009

Click here to read the latest CME report by Dr Philip Wood (outgoing Medical Director).


November 2008: Beni and Nyankunde Hospital Activities (see also November 2008 charity newsletter [PDF]):

During 2007, $9,300 of our gifts was spent by CME in Beni treating 137 patients who could not afford their treatment. From the period Dec 2007 to April 2008 'Friends of CME Trust' further funded, to the sum of approximately $2,500, the treatment of 74 patients - who ranged from babies to the elderly - for a range of medical conditions. During these five months over $2,000 bought a variety of medicines to treat vitamin deficiency, malaria, worm infestation, and infections. These have been identified by CME as the most critical medicines that patients need.


To view the CME Hospitals' 2007 Annual Report click on the following link: CME Annual Report 2007


January 2005

Mosquito nets were installed at Beni hospital through gifts from Friends of CME Trust. See the photographs on the right showing their use by patients.



For more information on the background of the CME Hospitals, please click here.